Cookie Clicker:
Do you want to Click for Cookies?

...or Click for CASH?

cropped Cookie Clicker screenshot

Cookie Clicker is a fun little game where you click on a big chocolate chip cookie... to get more cookies. After a while, you get enough cookies that you can buy "cursors", which let you multiply your clicking effort to get even more cookies, faster.

Once you've accumulated enough cookies, you are able to use them to purchase "grandmas". Now, grandmas know how to bake cookies, and that multiplies your cookie clicking efforts even further, so that you can get yet more cookies, faster and faster and faster!

You get the idea. Here's the link to play Cookie Clicker.

Now, wouldn't it be great if you could click for CASH instead of just COOKIES!?

headshot: David Beroff in St. Thomas My name is David Beroff, and I'm working with a team to introduce a financial education game that's kind of like Monopoly®, only it's played with real money. The object is to develop virtual properties, which have real value. You can buy and sell "robots", which are like grandmas, as they know how to build stuff. Robots are used to construct buildings on your property, and you collect monthly rental income on each building. If you are clever and play by all the rules, you can eventually sell your virtual holdings for actual cash.

We're not ready to launch that just yet, but please give me your info if you're interested:

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